Catherine Kirkham-Sandy

Catherine Kirkham-Sandy shows

Name/Stage Name:  Catherine Kirkham-Sandy


Show Title & Genre: Community Links Show


Interests & Hobbies:

Public speaking, current affairs, dancing, writing novels and short stories (self-published my first at 14) on the web. My favourite sports are badminton, archery and swimming. I like to collect Funko Pops and folio books and I am rapidly gaining a new interest in vintage cinema.


Musical Background/History:

I have been a keen listener of BBC Radio, but this is the first radio station I have ever hosted a show on.


How did you get involved with GFM?

I heard of GFM through a friend and I wrote to Carol Francis to volunteer.



I graduated from the University of York last year with a degree in History. I’ve travelled a lot to the USA and around Europe and to China and Iceland. I won prizes for public speaking at Rotary Youth Speaks and a Shield at my drama school for playing Prospero in the Tempest, and the next year I went with them to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


Musical aspirations:

To sing better and to own a piano again.


Most Influential Tracks:

Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World

Ray Charles’ Some Enchanted Evening

Sammy Davis’ My Way.


Message to the GFM Community:

I host month on/month off on the Community Links Show on Mondays and Tuesdays now, do ring in: we love to hear from you! I relish building contacts between GFM and local community activities.

Current track