Emma White

Presenters Name

Emma Loveridge

Show Title / Genre

Jungle Time….

An exciting blend of the finest Jungle tracks exclusively for GFM listeners


Interests & Hobbies

Love spending time with my family, Warren (hubby to be) and two children, Ffion and Zane. I’m a gym bunny and love a challenge, such as half marathons or Tough Mudder! Love listening to music and dancing


Musical Background / History

First memories of music and dancing was watching ‘Breakdance’ in 1984 (I was 8yrs old) and following my neighbours breakdance crew around on my BMX watching their moves and dancing along – fell in love with hip hop, RnB and soul music. From there it was all about Yo MTV Raps back in 1988 with Flava Flav & Fab Five Freddie which I was glued to everyday after school.

My passion for hip hop and RnB grew from there. Through senior school, it was all about our school discos and dance offs to Salt n Pepper and Mantronix, then Crackers under 18s where we all sported our Nike Air Max, baggy jeans rolled up and Benetton jumpers!! I then got into dance music in the early 90s from the ‘rave’ scene, although still a bit too young to go!

I met Nobby when I was 13 through Chequers youth club where he played all sorts of music, this is when I was introduced to Jungle music…WOW, it was right up my street. Full of base and quick step beats! I remained friends with Nobby from there and when old enough, I begged him to take me to the clubs he talked about so much…that’s when my junglist roots were planted! We travelled across the country in convoys and visited 2-3 clubs in one night with DJs and MC’s we knew such as Donovan and Gary T.

Over 25 years later we are all still friends and still LOVE Jungle!


How Did You Get Involved In GFM?

I did My Tunes back in 2013/14 plus a couple of tribute shows and fell in love with the station



Musically, being a presenter on GFM playing music that I love


Musical Aspirations:

I’ve bought some CD decks, so would love to learn to mix and continue to listen and play music on the radio



Most Influential Tracks

Sound of Blackness Optimistic
KRS1 Loves Gonna Getcha
Jungle (too many to choose from!!!)


Message To GFM Community

Want to spread the Jungle vibe love – keep listening, dancing and smiling!

Current track