Gary T

Presenters Name

Gary T

Show Title / Genre

Jungle Time….

An exciting blend of the finest Jungle tracks exclusively for GFM listeners


Interests & Hobbies

I enjoy going to the gym, social time and spending time with my 4 boys


Musical Background / History

I grew up listening to reggae in the front room of the house with my Dad. And my older brothers playing reggae, Funk & soul. In early 80 got hooked on Hip Hop


How Did You Get Involved In GFM?

Been a part of GFM from its birth and I am now making a return after a long break, been doing radio on and off from the mid 90’s



DJ / presented on pirate radio station in Gloucester & Bristol before joining GFM. DJ all over the UK in the 90’s from the west end in London to full cycle (Roni Size & co) nites in Bristol


Musical Aspirations:

Returning to GFM is my aspiration; I’ve done all I wanted to do as a DJ with it being a hobby. DJ last year playing on vinyl, playing some old funk, would like to do more if possible


Most Influential Tracks

Funky Drummer – James Brown
Peter Piper – Run DMC
Love so fine – Sahara


Message To GFM Community

Tell a friend to tell a friend and to continue to support the station so we got this radio station for many years, we don’t know how lucky we are, many towns & cities don’t have what we have

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