Scott Kuczaj aka Scott Ski Love

Scott Kuczaj aka Scott Ski Love shows

My Tunes – Throwdown Show – Big D & Friends

My Tunes – Throwdown Show - Big D & Friends

Name / Stage Name: Scott Kuczaj AKA Scott Ski Love 


Show Title & Genre: The Throwdown Show


Interests & Hobbies:

Hip Hop Music, Amateur Boxing Coach, Baseball, Watching Boxing, Collecting Records & Polo Clothing


Musical Background/History:

Hip Hop fan for 25 years, buying music and going to live shows around the world, did my work experience with Severn Sound


How did you get involved with GFM?

I use to listen to the B Line Show with Big Tunes D – That inspired me


How long have you been a volunteer on GFM?

Since 26 April 2020



Qualified Electrician, England boxing Qualified Coach


Musical aspirations:

To build a great Radio Show


3-5 Most Influential Tracks:

Public Enemy – Fight The Power

Sean Price – Onion Head

Mohawks – Champ

Black Moon – Who got the props

Cappo – learn to be strong

Big Daddy Kane – Raw


Message to GFM Listeners 

Peace, Love, Unity & Have Fun!

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