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Well let me introduce you to GFM 96.6 (Gloucester FM 96.6) GFM has been broadcasting to the citizens of Gloucester since October 2000, and was one of the first community radio stations in the UK to be awarded a full time community radio licence by Ofcom. In July 2006 GFM 96.6 commenced full time broadcast serving the community of Gloucester and beyond.GFM Radio Area

Cost Effective: Our advertising rates are competitive and designed to suit every pocket.

Efficient: Speedy- you can get your advert on air within 48 hours.

Dependable: Loyalty listeners choose stations based on the music or shows they like.

Proven: Good support medium –  radio works really well when paired with other marketing mediums like print direct mail or television

Focused: Target your audience – radio advertising can be used to reach any demographic audience you choose. By placing a commercial at the time of day the target market listens, you will achieve less wastage than other media will. GFM has the added benefit of including different language shows on their schedule of programmes to enable you to target a specific community.

Trustworthy: Radio is one to one medium, with presenters seen as friends.

WEBSITE: GFM also broadcast over the internet. Therefore reaching a wider listenership and covering more than just Gloucester.

WE OFFER: You can choose to take out single advertising, sponsor a programme, have a link on our website or have all three.Advertise with GFM

WHAT IS COMMUNITITY RADIO? Community radio is a brand new form of radio focused on a particular area. Its purpose is for gain and community cohesion as well as information and entertainment for a particular community which the radio station serves. An estimated forty million people in the UK listen to the radio. Radio wakes them up, they listen while having their breakfast, in the car, travelling to work, at work, over lunch, travelling home, at leisure and in bed, it is still the most popular, effective and engaging source of communication!

WHO ARE GFM? GFM serves the community of Gloucester and has proven especially effective at reaching the Black and Asian Minority Ethnic Community, both within the City and the wider community of Gloucester. It exists in order to serve and provide a platform for the talent and the residents of Gloucester. It is a not for profit Company and its content is provided by volunteers. Local and National News and Sports produced in Gloucester together with Great music of black origin 7 days a week, 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Proudly local and internationally recognised and respected.

WHY GFM? Unlike other stations in the area, GFM exists to serve its community. Its credibility with its listeners is based on this and the fact that listeners identify so closely with what they hear. The station does not rely on audience size, but rather the reaction ratio (the percentage of listeners that react to its messages). As a result, the station’s clients and partners have consistently reported that they find that their coverage on GFM delivers their goals. Research shows that radio achieves the greatest recall of all media, with the strongest memory retention of not only Brand Company but also specific selling points.

NEXT STEPS: Contact GFM The Trust Centre, Gloucester FM, Conduit Street, Gloucester. GL1 4XH Telephone: 01452 525 425  Email:

TESTIMONIALS “A quick email to say how successful the ad campaign we ran on GFM was to promote the Gloucester Heritage Urban Regeneration Company’s Future of the City event. Over the four days, and particularly on the two public days of Friday and Saturday, the event attracted over 1500 – more than we had anticipated. Many people said they heard about the event on GFM and came along as a result. Thanks for all your help and I hope to work with you again soon.” Kindest regards Nicky from Nicky Goddings Communications.

“From a Jobcentre Plus perspective, the benefits of a local station such as Gloucester FM are two-fold. Rrst of all, you are able to reach a section of the community that perhaps in the past has had limited opportunities for engagement with the wider community, Gloucester FM would be a good medium to promote the numerous initiatives that we currently operate which some members of your audience could find beneficial. Some time ago I participated in a discussion about New Deal. Which lead to a rise in enquires about job seeking programmes as a result, so we know it can work” Mike Nlcholls, Implementation Manager, Jobcentre Plus.

“May I take this opportunity of formally congratulating Gloucester FM not only account of its professionalism together with its information/entertainment value, but also on account of the opportunity it provides to increase community cohesion and well being. Thank you also for the opportunity you have provided to our local officers to broadcast important information about their work and how the police can help the community and the community help the police” Timothy Brain, Chief Constable of Gloucestershire Constabulary.

“We have been impressed by the work of GFM, who have ability to provide not just entertainment, but important local, health and other wide range of people within the community from all walks of life. We are looking forward to working closely with you in the future to reach and engage with all the communities we serve” Di Robinson, Neighbourhood Manager, Community Counts.

“The Gloucester Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership are happy to support GFM. The radio station has provided a huge amount of advice and advertising on a variety of crime related issues like drug and alcohol misuse, gun crime, aids, rape crisis, victim support and domestic violence support. The partnership see GFM as an excellent way of not only reaching the black and minority ethnic communities of Gloucester with crime prevention / reduction issues, but also as a way of training young people to be presenters and radio producers-a worthwhile cause in itself, but also a diversionary activity for crime reduction practitioners” Pat Dabbs, Partnership Coordinator.

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