Roles & Responsibilities GFM Directors Required 2024

Below are the roles and responsibility for the Chair, Company Secretary, Finance Director, and Community Outreach Director. To apply, please write to if you would like to join the board. Interviews will be held for each position. 


Main Duties of The Chairperson & Director of Gloucester FM

To provide leadership

The overarching role of the chairperson is to provide leadership; they must be an effective strategist and a good networker.

  1. To ensure the Management Committee functions properly.

The Chairperson is responsible for making sure that each meeting is planned effectively, conducted according to the constitution and that matters are dealt with in an orderly, efficient manner. The Chairperson must make the most of all his/her committee members, building and leading the team. This also involves regularly reviewing the Committee’s performance and identifying and managing the process for renewal of the Committee through recruitment of new members.

  1. To ensure the organisation is managed effectively.

The Chairperson must co-ordinate the Committee to ensure that appropriate policies and procedures are in place for the effective management of the organisation.

  1. To provide support and supervision to the staff officer and senior team.

The Chairperson will often be the direct line manager for the staff (the most senior staff member).

  1. To represent the organisation as its figurehead and attend fundraising events.

The Chairperson may from time to time be called upon to represent the organisation and sometimes be its spokesperson at, for example, functions or meetings.


Gloucester FM Company Secretary Director Role & Responsibilities

  1. Create and maintain the statutory register of Gloucester FM members.
  2. Ensuring that Gloucester FM V&P Agreement are filled in on the date of the anniversary and returned to company secretary for filling.
  3. Provide members and auditors with notice of meetings.
  4. Send Companies House information about appointments or registration of Directors.
  5. Send a copy of the annual accounts to Directors and members for General meetings.
  6. Ensure that members and people entitled to do so can inspect Gloucester FM company records.
  7. To ensure that meetings such as monthly board and member’s annual general meetings comply with Gloucester FM Memorandum & Articles of association and its procedure.
  8. Take minutes of board and AGM meetings, type up and email to board members and maintain records including past and present office bearers.
  9. To ensure that publication such as annual reports and accounts and their dissemination comply with Gloucester FM statutory requirements.
  10. To keep under review all legislative, regulatory and governance developments that might affect decision making or Gloucester FM operation.


The person must have a good knowledge of Gloucester FM and understands the role and responsibilities of the directors is well organised and have an eye for detail and attend fundraising events.


Main responsibilities of Gloucester FM Finance Director

  1. General financial oversight
  • Oversee and present budgets, accounts, and financial statements to the management committee.
  • Consult with designated staff about financial matters.
  • Ensure that appropriate financial systems and controls are in place.
  • Ensure that record-keeping and accounts meet the conditions of funders or statutory bodies.
  • Ensure compliance with relevant legislation.
  1. Funding, fundraising and sales
  • Advise on the organisation’s fundraising strategy.
  • Ensure use of funds complies with conditions set by funding bodies.
  • Ensure fundraising and sales complies with relevant legislation and is bound by effective financial systems and controls.
  • Ensure effective monitoring and reporting.
  1. Financial planning and budgeting
  • Prepare and present budgets for new or on-going work.
  • Advise on financial implications of strategic and operational plans.
  • Present revised financial forecasts based on actual spend.
  1. Financial reporting
  • Present regular reports on the organisation’s financial position
  • Prepare accounts for audit and consulting with the auditor, as required.
  • Present accounts at the AGM
  • Advise on the organisation’s reserves and investment policy.
  1. Banking, book-keeping, and record-keeping
  • Manage bank accounts.
  • Set up appropriate systems for book-keeping, payments, lodgements & petty cash.
  • Ensure everyone managing money keeps proper records and documentation.
  1. Control of fixed assets and stock
  • Ensure proper financial records are kept.
  • Ensure required insurances are in place.

In all these areas Gloucester FM Finance Director is responsible for ensuring that effective financial systems and procedures have been established, are being consistently followed and are in line with best practice and legal requirements


Gloucester FM Community Outreach Director

  1. The community outreach lead is responsible for: –
  2. Owning and managing relationship with local community and religious organisations
  3. Ensure GFM’s live religious output remains consistent with expectations of GFM community partners, organisations, and listeners.
  4. Consult with and advise GFM station manager on the rota for religious programmes and presenters and arrange introductions with presenters.
  5. Reporting to the board on community initiates for consideration of GFM involvement
  6. Working with GFM business development manager to identify joint projects and funding opportunities in collaboration with registered community groups.

To apply, please write to if you would like to join the board. Interviews will be held for each position. 





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