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MON: Paul White from All Nations Community Centre will be giving an update on the Charity Dance and their up and coming AGM TUES: Paul Mathurin from Linking Communities will […]

MON Talking to Councillor Hicks Lead County Councillor for Adult and Community Care Services in the County, and Bren McInerney About the informal discussion on community and adult social care […]

MONDAY:  Talking to Councillor Kathy Williams about the new members shadowing scheme to encourage more women to become councillors and how she balances life as a councillor with family life.  […]

MONDAY:     Talking to Eileen from H.M.Revenue & Customs looking at completing returns and VAT on line also advise on what happens  when made redundant with you  Tax  TUES DAY:  Gloucester CityCouncil  Chief Executive, Julian […]

Monday: Audrey James talking about her up & coming event Legends Vintage Ball also it’s National   Heart Month so talking to the British Heart foundation. Tuesday: Fostering & Adoption Week […]

Is there a topic you would like the community link crew to cover then email us and we will try and cover on the Community Link Show

Monday: Pat from Crime & Disorder Partnership Tuesday: Talking to Simone Woolley, Director from Operation Black Vote (OBV) Wednesday: Family Time with Chris Thursday: Young People’s Show with Kafilli Friday: […]

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