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 Monday:        Lisa & Kelly, with an update from GCH (Gloucester City Homes) & Street Graffiti  Tuesday:       Local Police with their monthly update Wednesday:  Family […]

 Monday: Jacky Robertson Chairperson, Keeping Abreast (South West)   Tuesday: Listen to Lenny Henry sharing his concerns about BAME representation in TV broadcasting & join in the discussion!   Wednesday: […]


 A Clash of the Champions will take place at GL1 Gloucester Leisure Centre and it promise to be a must see event for Grappling fan’s.   As one of the […]


 It is difficult enough at present sourcing enough funds for the everyday costs of running your GFM Community Radio Station   Now it is also becoming apparent that essential items of […]

Saturday Soup 01 February: Internet Trolls   Monday at 11-00 am: (REPLAY of) Saturday Soup 01 February: Internet Trolls   Monday: Talking to Sarah and Emily from Project Solace    […]

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