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  With Javinia and the Crew Sat Soup Sat 3rd December:- [replayed on Monday at 11am] Mobile Phones – A Blessing or Not!     MON:— Councillor Mark Hawthorne leader of the County Council wants to hear from you regarding the Consultation on budgets taking place. Also H.M. Revenues and Customs will be in with […]

Sat Soup Sat 19th November:-———  Illuminate – Myths and Facts     MON: —————————-Mohamed Ginwalla Welfare Rights Team Leader will be giving updates on benefits you can claim towards fuel bills and keeping warm this winter TUES: —————————Employment and Skills Co-ordinator from Gloucester Works will be in with her monthly jobs update   Weds:—————————-Family Time […]

  Saturday Soup, 12th November:—–Man a bad Man! Or Not as the case may be     MON:——- Pat Dabbs from City Council talking about Hate Crimes and alcohol awareness TUES:—— Martin Bruton from Trading Standards giving advice so you don’t get ‘conned’ this Christmas   Weds:——-Family Time with Elder Saunders Thurs:——-Young People’s Show Shauna […]

  Saturday Soup: 5th Nov: American Football – your thoughts.     MON: HM Revenue & Customs talking about “The Tax Catch Up Plan” TUES: Top boy or Not what did you think? We want to hear from you   Weds:     Family Time with Elder Saunders Thurs:    Young People’s Show Shauna & Crew Friday:   […]

  Sat Soup 29 October – Setting the record straight     MON Talking Root Cause with Valerie Tomlin who is researching a book on afro textured hair, TUES Talking to Barbara and Claire   from Rethink Mental Illness   Weds     Family Time with Elder Saunders Thurs    Young People’s Show & Crew Friday    Holly and […]

  MON:- A new Channel 4 show SHHH…A SECRET SURPRISE  FOR SOMEONE SPECIAL.  Talking to Series Producer Hamish Summers      ALSO talking about trans-Racial adoption TUES:- Looking at Black presences in the World Wars   Weds:-     Family Time with Pastor Crawford Thurs:-    Young People’s Show Tamanna & Crew Friday:-    Holly and […]

(With new presenter, Javinia and the Crew) Sat Soup 1st October – Influence of music (Rappers, MC’s, Dancehall and reggae artists etc.,) MON HM Revenue & Customs will be advising on fraudulent “phishing” emails and paper tax returns TUES How relevant is Black History Month to day? Also talking to Barbara Russell,From Rethink Weds     […]

Sat Soup 24th – What gets you hot under the Collar?? MON Advice from Mohamed Ginwalla, Welfare Rights Team Leader, from the City Council about benefits – AND – Dorret Samuels will be talking about  an up and coming event for Black Carers   TUES Barbara Russell, Claire Tirel and Tony Bergonzi fromRethink will be […]

Sat Soup: 17th September:– Community Activities for Young People MON Sgt Lyn Northfield will be in to update on Operation Scorpion and give information on how to become a Special with the police force TUES Pat Dabs community safety officer from Gloucester City Council will be giving an update of the Safer Gloucester meeting and […]

Sat Soup Sat 10th September [replay Mon at 11-00]: Definition of a Gang and why it is formed MON    Monique SmithEmployment and Skills Co-ordinator from Gloucester Works will be in with her monthly update also Teddy Burton talking About the new Summit Tuition TUES Jackie will be talking about UPLIFTED … Breast Reconstruction Support Group […]

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