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Gospel Show

Gospel Show

Presenters Name

Howard Harvey / Bro H Harvey

Show Title / Genre

Saturday Gospel Show

Interests & Hobbies

Reading, listening to reality & Gospel music & Singing

Musical Background / History

I was born in the beautiful island of Jamaica, at an early age my brother and I usually sing on the street side, using pans and zinc fence for our backing tracks, in the night we normally sing on a sound system called Black Symbol Sound.

Back then I use to sing like the singer Ghost, even at school, out of school and on our way to school. Many children surround us, my friend played backing track with his mouth, sometimes we walk all the way from school which is about ten miles long, stopping along the way eating oranges and mangoes and singing

Music was the most important thing in our lives, wherever the street party was we would be there and when there was none we would create our own

In Jamaica, especially, the country part, many people never use to have electric in there homes including me, we did have radios that use batteries, but when we put batteries in the radio it last about few days, so we didn’t use it that much, so we learn to entertain ourselves with our voices, so music was our best friend and still is, if we should include Jesus it, it is my second best friend.

How Did You Get Involved In GFM?

GFM is a blessing in our community, it give individuals the opportunity to express themselves in the way they know how, listening to GFM blesses my life in may ways, with the love I have for music and the passion I have for Christ, GFM gives me the opportunity to share the word of god to those who listens.

The purpose for me being on GFM is to win souls through the power of Jesus Christ, so they can be free from bondage of sin and experience the love of God.


Singing about the goodness of God is an opportunity and the biggest achievement that anyone could ever have, for me it is a privilege and a blessing to tell people about Jesus in song. Secondly, I was given the opportunity to make a video in Jamaica and the song played on cable and many other radio station including Irie FM which is the largest radio station in Jamaica and I also shared stage with Junior Tucker and many more

Musical Aspirations

God gave my talent to me and it is my responsibility to develop my talent and to grow each day. In 5 years time I can see myself glorifying the lord through music all over the world, the lord as shown me that vision and without a doubt I believe him.

Most Influential Tracks

There is so many out there, I honestly do not where to start… I love the song Shine by Ricky Fante

Message To GFM Community

I just want to say to GFM community, that I love you with all my heart and Jesus love you also, he said that he will never leave nor for sake you. God loves you my brothers & sisters and he wants nothing but the best for you, that’s all.

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