DJ Cage

Presenters Name

Dermain Batchelor AKA Cage

Show Title / Genre

The Reggae Dancehall Show /
Dancehall / Hip Hop


Interests & Hobbies

I really enjoy Djing and Mcing, also playing football when I get time and, also radio work.


Musical Background / History

Everyone likes music, but I get into Dancehall and etc from when I can first hear sound through my ears. I started Djing back 1997, started mixing Garage to get the flow of Djing, but it’s not me. It’s all of us because if there wasn’t no DJ Kaos I doubt I’ll be where I am now. There are two of us, me called Cage and DJ Kaos AKA Fire Squad. Through the success of the Fire Squad I have to give a big thanks to the Francis Family.


How did you get involved in GFM?

I got involved with GFM in 2002 helping me was a DJ from the station called Young Lion. I was answering the phones for him, and then said this could be my chance in the music industry and now my DJ partner and me get our own show.


Receiving an Open College Network Certificate from GFM after completion a radio production training course


Musical Aspirations

To get to the top of the ladder if you know what I mean, a well-known DJ in the UK. A lot of DJ’s, well young DJ’s they don’t get no spot light, so it’s quite hard to get there, but you can’t keep a good man down. To be a part of GFM for as long as possible


Most influential tracks

50 cent: Back Down
Sizzla: Black Woman N Child
2PAC: Thugs mansion
Nas: Hate Me Now
I Wayne: Satisfy Her
Elephant man: Christian dip
Mr Wacky: Jiggy Time


Message to GFM Community

We’re getting bigger and better, stronger all we need is a full time license and we got it locked.

Current track