DJ H / Presenter

DJ H shows

Presenters Name

Helen Williams aka DJ H

Show Title / Genre

Sunday night Soul Party –  Soulful funk, hip hop, r&b, disco and the very best in old skool an contemporary soul

Interests & Hobbies

Playing music, listening to music and buying music. Property development and hanging out with my pals.

Musical Background / History

I have grown up listening to a wide variety of Music of Black Origin all across the board from jazz to funk, disco, soul, hip-hop, electro. From a very young age I have been an avid collector of music and used to spend hours in my bedroom playing tunes for me and my friends. I remember stealing my Mum’s Stylistics LP’s.

In the late eighties and early nineties I remember exchanging mix tapes with friends and getting really excited about listening to tapes from pirate shows such as Kiss. Soul II Soul were particularly influential for me and Eighties soul and Nineties swing are favourite musical times for me.

I started officially DJing in the last five years in local bars and clubs. Over the years I have been influenced by local DJ’s such as Winston Thomas, Donovan Smith, Rich Edwards, John Mustoe, JJ Watkins, Carlos and Martin ‘in full swing’. I still love the buzz of getting a dance floor and people coming up and asking what a tune was because they loved it.

How Did You Get Involved In GFM?

Avid listener of GFM since day one. I have always wanted to be a radio DJ since I was a small child and made my own mix tapes of pretend radio shows in my bedroom! My friend JJ Watkins took on the Groove Theory show and we used to regularly discuss tunes for future shows. I was luckily enough to guest present on a couple of the Groove Theory shows and John Mustoe suggested I submit a demo tape. Recently, I have been involved in the Groove Theory each week co presenting and shadowing JJ Watkins, learning how to drive the desk, and an opening has arisen on GFM for me to present my own show.


Getting the opportunity earlier this year to Guest present the Groove Theory show on my own.

Being given the chance to have my own Sun night show playing tunes I really love and sharing them with the community

Musical Aspirations

To always remember it’s about the music. Keep playing the very best tunes and giving people a great musical journey and education whether I’m playing the radio or in bars or clubs

In summary, to keep people tuned in, on the dance floor or tapping their feet!

Most Influential Tracks

(1) Kenny Burke – Rising to the top
(2) Curtis Mayfield – Move on up

About another million or so that I couldn’t possibly narrow it down to a 3rd choice

Message To GFM Community

‘Keep on believing’…. never give up on a good thing or what you believe in. Most importantly, never give up on yourself. Keep supporting GFM now we have succeeded in getting our 5 year license, stayed tune in and keep letting us know you are listening and give us your feedback

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