Hazel Gee

Hazel Gee shows

Presenters Name

Hazel Golden/Haze

Show Title / Genre

Saturday Soup



Interests & Hobbies

Most Sports really, but mainly Netball, Football, Squash and Badminton. Photography – I love taking pictures and of course listening to music. Not forgetting food hmmm!


Musical Background / History

I’m just an avid listener of all music, Reggae, Soul, RnB, Jazz, Soulful House, Gospel and Drum and Bass – Yes, I know………………I think they call it eclectic.


How did you get involved in GFM?

It was initially a suggestion by Lady M, I was then asked by DC. Being a dedicated listener I thought – Okay!!…… Then thought HELP!!! But, I know that I will be given plenty of support from the GFM family, so Wey hey!!.



None, apart from a guest appearance with Derrick B talking about being a member of Unity Netball team in Gloucester. I used to run three netball teams which meant my entire Saturday was spent playing for one team and umpiring for the other two teams.

Yes, being accepted into the GFM family is an honour and thank you for accepting me, even though when Lady M suggested it I laughed – I’m still laughing now {;o)

Awards – Most of my awards are related to sport believe it or not, Netball, Darts, Squash and Rounders. I have suffered lots of knocks and injuries just for sport. Right now my mind is willing, the body just asks ‘What are doing…….’?


Musical Aspirations

Hmm! Hadn’t really thought about where I’d liked to be musically, as I can’t play any instrument apart from a recorder. Producing/compiling, I’ve put together CD’s because I don’t know about you, but quite often I’ll buy a cd and I’ll only like about 4 or 5 tracks so I put together tracks and change the order to suit my taste. Will I be a producer in the future, probably not. Will I still be listening and enjoying music, God willing – Yes.


Most influential tracks

Bob Marley – No Woman no cry

Otis Redding – These arms of mine

Al Green – God Blessed our love

Patti Labelle – Lady Marmalade


Message to GFM Community

Keep listening to GFM and continue to provide the support that you have done already. Spread the word whenever you can that there is a community radio station out there for everyone, and their input is always appreciated.

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