Heather Hughes

Heather Hughes shows

Name/Stage Name:  Heather

Show Title & Genre: Community Link Show

Interests & Hobbies: Music production and Sound, Singing, Writing and Art.

Musical Background/History: I have been producing music and Dj’ing for a few years now. I’m currently studying Sound for Film and Television so I’m doing lots of Sound Design and lots of recording. I have always had a huge love of music, especially reggae, soul; jazz and hip hop so being a part of GFM and being part of such a great music platform, is a dream come true. 

How did you get involved with GFM? I got involved with GFM after hearing their shout out for presenters on the radio show. I gave them some info about my background and what I hope to gain through my experience, and here I am!

Achievements: My biggest achievements so far are the Distinction grade I got for my Music production course, and the 1st that I’ve just received on my Sound for Film and Television degree! Also, I adopted the loveliest rescue dog after driving to Albania so that has been a hugely rewarding achievement for me too!

Musical Aspirations: I hope to keep creating music and working in sound, keep singing (I’m not great at singing but I absolutely love it and I’ll keep doing it forever!) collaborate with some wonderful artists and gain more experience in broadcast media.

Most Influential Tracks: Probably Uptown Top Ranking by Althea and Donna. My Mum used to play it a lot when I was a child and it always reminds me of summer and good times!

Message to the GFM Community: Keep being amazing and stay locked in to GFM!


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