Howie Jackson

Howie Jackson shows

Presenters Name
Howie Jackson

Show Title / Genre
Late Manoeuvres Hip-hop & hip-hop influences

Interests & Hobbies
DJ-ing/ playing Football/Breakdancing/Socialising/Building beats & listening to music

Musical Background / History
Old School B-Boy/Breakdancer, who has grown up to all of the sounds of Urban music, which has inspired me to become a DJ who plays a wide spectrum of music, being Disco, Electro, Funk, Rare Groove & Soul.

How did you get involved in GFM?
Was a fan of GFM and was given the opportunity to join up with Fade & Dirty Lyle, through John Mustoe’s approval.

Gained certificate in Radio Broadcasting (through GFM)
DJ-ing to a crowd of over 1000 people
Won Breakdancing competitions in the mid 1980’s
Teaching Breakdancing

Musical Aspirations
To be a tour DJ for groups
To produce music for big established artists/groups
To own a popular successful Music Agency & have a portfolio of big name DJs.

Most influential tracks
Captain Rap ­ Bad Times (I can’t stand it)
Stevie Wonder ­ Tuesday Heartbreak
Adonis ­ No way back
EPMD ­ So watcha sayin
Too many more tunes to mention!!!

Message to GFM Community
Spreading the message with the mostly used universal language ­MUSIC!! Giving the community more knowledge of influences used in and around Hip-Hop/Rap music!!

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