Jerry Hipkiss RIP / Presenter

Presenters Name

Jerry Hipkiss RIP

Show Title / Genre

The Breakfast Show Mon – Fri 7 – 10am. Just the best current and classic Soul/R & B, a touch of reggae, and 30 minutes of Northern Soul after 9am.


Interests & Hobbies

Music, music, music; radio, radio; radio. Obsessed? Yes…


Musical Background / History

DJ’d the clubs of Gloucester and Cheltenham for years now, playing Northern Soul or upfront R & B (not on the same night!). Hosted “Saturday Soul” on the local independent station for six years, spent fourteen years working for them and several other stations in the days before radio was controlled by large groups and made bland and with no connection to the community.


How did you get involved in GFM?

Ian Palmer invited me to guest on his show in 2001…Derrick walked in, I was introduced to him, and his reply was “I’ve been trying to get in touch with you”!



Attaining my youthful goal of getting on the radio and playing the music I love.


Musical Aspirations

If you’ve read this far, then you’ll realise that I strongly believe in a radio station that brings a wide variety of MOBO to the city, presented by people who know and love the music and the area that they broadcast to. And those presenters can be seen out and about, not like some radio stations whose staff apparently spend most evenings slumped in front of “Big Brother”, as that appears to be all they can talk about…GFM has the right sound, the right presenters, and I sincerely hope that soon we’ll be broadcasting to Gloucester full time.


Most influential tracks

Most influential tracks: Isley Brothers “This old heart of mine”…and then 20,000 plus others from the ‘60’s through to today. I can never pin it down to a handful of favourites, because the postman will probably bring me the next pile of promo copies tomorrow…


Message to GFM Community

Your local radio station needs YOU!

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