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Young Peoples Show with YP Crew

Name/Stage Name: Kt Rayner

Show Title & Genre: Young Peoples Show


Interests & Hobbies:

I am an aspiring presenter and actor, who has studied dance, music, and drama for over a decade. I’m currently working as a restaurant manager at Wagamama’s Gloucester Quays branch, but in my spare time I love baking, running, making/editing videos and playing my guitar… although not always very well!


Musical Background/History:

Through years of singing and dance I have developed a huge love for music. Since I could talk, I’ve been singing in choirs, onstage and very loudly in the shower! I always have something playing because I think music is one of the best ways to express yourself, but it can also boost your mood, bring back memories and bring people together.


How did you get involved with GFM?

I contacted the studio directly looking for some radio experience to kickstart my career. I was really grateful to be welcomed into the GFM family straight away and within 2 weeks of my initial email I was On Air co-hosting the Young Peoples Community Link!



Through studying as a performer from a very young age I have been incredibly lucky to receive an array of awards and accolades. My proudest achievement however is my Bachelor’s Degree in Performing Arts. Across my three years of study, I met hundreds of new people, took part in countless productions and discovered my love for presenting. Here I took on my first ever presenting role, which was recently nominated for a Royal Television Society award!


Musical aspirations:

I’m a lover of a wide range of music from classical to alternative, and by artists from household names to those still recording in their parents houses. I have so much respect for anyone who takes the plunge and pushes to make it in such a hugely competitive industry but sometimes unfortunately, some of the most incredible new sounds get lost in amongst it all and don’t get the appreciation they deserve. For that reason, I’d love to share my platform on radio with some smaller artists, inviting them to share their music and their story. It’s a win win, they get their name out there, and you and I get some fresh music to add to our playlists.


Most Influential Tracks:

My music taste is far to broad for me to whittle this down to just a few tracks, but some artists I love include: Ed Sheeran, Melanie Martinez, Green Day, Falling in Reverse and Queen.


Message to the GFM Community:

I may be a little older than your usual Young Peoples Show host but I can assure you I’m a child at heart. I think my extra life experience will be great for the show, as I can give our younger listeners some advice from someone who’s been through it all already. And who knows, maybe they can teach me a thing or two too!

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