Llahnie shows

Name/Stage Name:
Llahnie Mae Whitlock

Show Title & Genre:
Community Link Show

Interests & Hobbies:
Music, dance, amateur dramatics, theatre, Circus skills (mainly unicycle and juggling), art and henna

Musical Background/History:
Dursley operatic dramatic society musical theatre performances, secondary school productions and piano lessons

How did you get involved with GFM?
Through my Godfather, Freddie/ DJ Fredlocks.

Working towards Duke of Edinburgh silver, working towards obtaining my young leader certificate for the girl guides association, school prefect, LORIC leadership organisational resilience initiative and communication, grade 1 piano working towards grade 2

Musical aspirations:
I want to work in performing arts and radio DJ/presenter in future

Most Influential Tracks:
Michael Jackson man in the mirror

Message to the GFM Community:
Thank you so much for having me… go easy on me I’m new 🙂

LLahnie GFM Presenter

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