Martha shows

Show Title and genre: Future Me Gloucestershire Young People’s Show Takeover

Interests & Hobbies: 

I am a practicing artist when I’m not working for Future Me Gloucestershire. I love art, history, reading and getting outside!

Musical background / History:

Only as a fan and appreciator. I don’t think grade 1 saxophone really counts!

How did you get involved in GFM?

Through Future Me Gloucestershire, who are taking over the Young People’s show in October.


Being able to make some of my earning through my art and creativity, which isn’t always easy!

Being part of the Future me youth representative team has been a great achievement for me too.

Musical aspirations:

To challenge my tastes and try listening to new artists and genres.

Most influential tracks:

Impossible to pick!!

Message to GFN Community:

We hope you enjoy our takeovers of the YP show and get in touch to let us know about what issues you believe are facing young people!



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