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Rich Edwards

Presenters Name

Rich Edwards

Show Title / Genre

Smooth Grooves: Smooth Jazz / Soul

Interests & Hobbies

Good music, photography, Auation, Vodka Collection

Musical Background / History

Now approaching my 30th year as a DJ in Gloucestershire, I have played in every nightclub and disco in the area over the years, mostly playing Soul and Dance as it has evolved over the last three decades.

How did you get involved in GFM?

GFM offers something that mainstream radio cannot. A chance to interact with peoples musical tastes directly. I love the opportunity to play music that I find stimulation without restrictions.


I have broadcast on GFM for the last 3 broadcasts and my daytime job involves running a commercial radio station every day.

Musical Aspirations

I have achieved most of my musical aspirations having worked with or interviewed most of my musical heroes. Still a few to meet and talk to.

Most influential tracks

Fantasy: Earth Wind & Fire

Aint no stopping us now: McFadden & Whitehead

Samba Do Marcos: Sadao Watanabe

Message to GFM Community

Listen, support, enjoy the work we put in for you.

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