Shontaye shows

Name/Stage Name:  Shontaye


Show Title & Genre:  The get down on The young people’s show


Interests & Hobbies: I love art in every shape and form, fashion, anything that is vintage and antique. In my spare time, I like to read fiction, crocheting, making artwork, collecting old vinyls to play, hunting down Indie music gigs, roller-skating and going to exhibitions.


Musical Background/History:  Hip hop, Indie-pop, funk, Reggae, RnB, Synthwave/retro, Jazz and neo-soul music. I love a little bit of everything


How did you get involved with GFM?

I was told by a family friend that GFM was looking for someone to be a part of the young people’s show.


Achievements: I have just finished in my 2-year course at SGS college for level 3 art and design. I also participated in the end of the year art show which lead me to achieve a distinction for my artwork. Meanwhile I have had the amazing opportunity to take a gap year, to save up for my future travels and volunteer at the 100 Heroines Woman’s photography group, working on upcoming exhibitions and Archival research.


Musical aspirations: I don’t have any professional musical aspirations so far but I do hope that people will be able to relate to the music that I play and even help them find a new sound. Also I like all things in creative media so this is something to enjoy as a hobby.


Most Influential Tracks: Thundercat- Them changes, Tyler the Creator- Juggernaut, Baby Rose- Fight club, Ella Fitzgerald- A night in Tunisia and Solange- Stay Flo. I could list many more


Message to the GFM Community: I can’t wait to see where this show will take me and to get to know everyone in the GFM family.

Current track