Tay Mulla

Tay Mulla Gloucester FM PresenterName/Stage Name:  Tay Mulla


Show Title & Genre: The Friday Show


Interests & Hobbies: 

I love to socialise with friends, I enjoy playing football and going gym but most of all I ADORE going out and having the time of my life.


Musical Background/History: 

I just love music, I love how it has the ability to completely change your mood, how it can get you from lying in bed to dancing around your room, how it is a platform to not only showcase talent but also relay an important message, but more than anything I love the feeling when your surrounded by people you love and everyone is just screaming the lyrics to a feel good song!


How did you get involved with GFM?

I saw an advertisement asking for volunteer presenters.



I am 18 years of age so my main focus up to now has just been my academical achievements however I now hope to get broaden that list. 


Musical aspirations:

To be on a big platform in which I can chat and select/ play music which will hopefully brighten peoples moods.


Most Influential Tracks:

Dreams — Gabriella

My Hood — RAY BLK

Closed Doors — J Hus


Message to the GFM Community: 

Whatever show I am on I hope to be able to add a bit of happiness into someones day! I hope they go away feeling good with a smile on their faces and the urge to have a dance!

Current track