Vere Richards/Brother V.

Vere Richards/Brother V. shows

Presenters Name
Vere Richards/Brother V.

Show Title / Genre
Title: Soul Solution
Genre: Gospel

Interests & Hobbies
Apart from radio and music in general, my interests include watching films half-way through, and falling asleep in a chair. When I have the energy I also enjoy Kick boxing and roller-skating.


Musical Background / History
I have loved music for as long as I can remember, and can appreciate any thing from across the whole musical spectrum. I suppose that my love of radio, and my knowledge of reggae and soul began with listening to Kid Jensen, Mike Reid, Robbie Vincent and the late John Peel on Radio 1 in the early 80’s. This love and knowledge grew with the arrival on the local airwaves of the late Ivanhoe Campbell and GFM’s own Jerry Hipkiss. This current chapter of my love affair with radio and my musical education started with the widespread emergence of Pirate Radio in London, with stations such as Kiss, Time, Passion, Laser, LWR, TKO, Supreme, and City Radio. I had always enjoyed listening to Gospel Music but I did not fully understand the message behind it until I became a Christian in 1997, and this is why I have volunteered to present a Gospel show and help others to understand the message of the Gospel of Christ. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the presenters and radio stations that I have mentioned for giving me the inspiration to be where I am today.


How Did You Get Involved In GFM?
After hearing the London Pirate stations I thought, “I could do that”, so I jumped at the chance to be involved in the initial broadcast in 2000. I had recently completed a part-time radio course and was eager to use my newly acquired skills. Derrick accepted my program proposal and the games began. Being live on-air for the first time was a truly frightening experience and a lot more difficult them I imagined. Fortunately for me, many of the other presenters felt the same way. We shared our experiences and began to unite, develop, and grow into the GFM Family. With the people, for the people. Gloucester had been crying out for a radio station to serve our community for many years, and although frightening at first, it was very exiting to be part of this.


I consider it a great privilege and responsibility to be able to serve the community in this way because I am able to share my thoughts and views with people across the City and also across the world via the Internet. The training given by CEED is second to none, and even though I had previously studied Radio Production, I still learnt many new techniques. Being with GFM has opened a lot of doors for me. Hyacinth, Martin, and I have presented Soul Solution for other community stations in Gloucestershire and Bristol. I now regularly submit work to BBC Radio Gloucestershire and Forest of Dean Radio.


Musical Aspirations
In five years time, I want to be looking back with fond memories of GFM’s successful five-year broadcast, and looking forward to being involved with the next stage of broadcasting with GFM. I would like to continue to be involved with the training of new presenters. I would like to become influential in the world of Gospel Music in the South West. Influential in a similar style to the late John Peel. John Peel was not an egotist nor was he a “show business, personality D.J”. , but he was instrumental in championing the cause of new music and artists. In the same way I would like to be instrumental in promoting new Gospel Music and artists and in turn bringing the Gospel of Christ to a new and growing audience.


Most Influential Tracks
There are so many to choose from, and the choice of the top three can vary depending on what sort of mood I’m in, but here goes…

1. Genie- BB&Q band. Beautiful slow jam from one of the first soul albums that I bought. Reminds me of the whole “curly perm” era.
2. God’s Property (The whole album)-Kirk Franklin & Nu Nation. I bought this C.D. blind at a record fair. It opened up a whole new world of music for me.
3. He Cares-Stephanie Mills. This is the Soul Solution theme song. It reminds me that however big or small my problems are, Jesus will always be with me because “He Cares”


Message To GFM Community
It is truly exiting and a great privilege to be part of something which excites so many people whenever GFM is on air. It’s gives me a real buzz to hear GFM blaring out through car windows and the amount of public support that we receive is amazing. Please, Please, Please keep supporting us with your phone calls, e-mails, letters, texts, and with your encouraging words in person. I feel that I can speak for the rest of the GFM family when I say this, we all love doing this, but it would be pointless without you, the listener. THANK YOU!! for your support. It wouldn’t be possible without it. Remember, GFM is with the people, for the people….EVERYTIME.

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