Zaiba M

Zaiba M shows

Name/Stage Name: Zaiba M

Show Title & Genre:
Young People’s Show

Interests & Hobbies:
In my free time I enjoy a range of things including learning new languages, watching classic films and reading a wide range of literature, as well as studying my favourite subjects (sociology and physics)

Musical Background/History:
I play bass guitar and have sung in school choirs but I also grew up in a very music loving environment

How did you get involved with GFM?

I started with work experience on the Community Link show and liked it so much I decided to take on a volunteer position


I’d say that my biggest achievements to date have been getting into a grammar school, taking a GCSE a year early, and my technology proficiency qualifications

Musical Aspirations:

I’d like to progress with studying media and perhaps go into a career within music business or broadcasting

Most Influential Tracks:

There have been many songs that have influenced me greatly but a few include; -Swim Good by Frank Ocean -Te Amo by Rihanna -Hysteria by Muse -To The End by My Chemical Romance

Message to the GFM Community:

Thank you for letting me join and taking the time to listen to me, I hope you enjoy 🙂  

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