Angelena / Angel Doll

Angelena / Angel Doll shows

Name/Stage Name:  Angelena / Angel Doll


Show Title & Genre: Keep It Realer – Music, Information and Advice


 Interests & Hobbies: Reading, singing, art, poetry, sports, theatre/musicals, travel, history, nature, watching films.


Musical Background/History: Musician/Performer


How did you get involved with GFM? I have attended gfm events and listen to the show


Achievements: Being a mother, working as a youth offending officer


Musical aspirations: For people to dance to my music


Most Influential Tracks:

Pharrell Williams (Happy)
Cyndy Lauper/ Lil Mo   (Time after Time)


Message to the GFM Community:

Love the show, I’m happy to join you


Current track